Exchange & Refund Policies

We are unable to accept returns on any items that have been used in any way. We can only accept returns on items that are unused, with their barcode still attached and the original Fluo receipt preserved. The returned item must be enclosed in the original packaging or any other packaging as long as it is sealed correctly to avoid losing it and/or damaging it.

You can physically return and exchange any item not on sale or bought as part of an offer within 10 days of receiving them to any of our shops as long as the above conditions are met (barcode still attached & receipt brought with you). To find out more information about our physical stores kindly refer to this page.

In the case of online returns and exchanges, you need to fill out the online return form within 10 days of receiving the item. Afterwards, someone from our team will review the information provided in the latter form and make sure that the conditions of the return policy are met. If it all checks out, you will receive an online voucher equal to the amount of the return item to spend it freely on our platform. This voucher will be valid for 10 days and we will contact you via your email address or through Whatsapp on your mobile number to let you know that your request has been approved. If not, then you will be contacted too by someone from our team through one of the two ways stated in the latter and we will let you know about the reasoning behind our decision.

Please do note that the return order will include a delivery fee that can’t be settled through the online voucher.

Items on sale can only be exchanged with other items on sale and within 3 days of receiving them. Items included in commercial offers (Ex: Buy 2 Get 1 Free) can only be exchanged with other items included in the same offer and within 3 days of receiving them. They must be returned as a whole package that includes all the offer’s bought items with other items included in that same commercial offer. For example, if you got 3 items through a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer, you will have to return all 3 of them to exchange them with 3 other items included in that same commercial offer.

It is very important that you enclose your packing slip or receipt in with the return as it contains important information such as the order number and without this we may not be able to deal with your return effectively.

We do not refund under any circumstances.

Faulty / Damaged / Incorrect / Missing item:

All damages, faults, incorrect or missing items must be reported as soon as possible (and within 5 working days). Please email us at, or send us a Whatsapp message on 00961 81 218 649, and please keep the original envelope that the order was sent in as we may need to see this to determine whether the item was damaged in transit or tampered with.

The managing team will deal with faulty and damaged items on a case-by-case basis.

Contact us

If you have any questions about these policies, you can contact us:
• By email:
• By Whatsapp messages on the following phone number: 00961 81 218 649
• By calls through one of the following phone numbers: 00961 1 684529 || 00961 9 642 569

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