Our Story


It all started in 1994 when Nabil & Zeina, a young Lebanese couple passionate about fashion, decided to leave their technical and teaching jobs in a post-war Lebanon and invest all their savings into a women’s clothing store, Fluo. Since the very beginning, we started out by buying our collections from French wholesalers in Paris. Our first shop located in Mansourieh consisted of a small boutique with limited items.

2000 – 2001

Fast forward till year 2000, we decided to relocate to a new shopping spot close to Beirut called Mkalles 2000. We first opened a small shop on the outer façade of the mall, before relocating in 2001 to a bigger shop right next to it. On the left you can see a blurry image of these good old days with Nabil and his family!


In 2006, we opened a second store in Kaslik, Lebanon. The store was even bigger than the one in Mkalles and the Fluo family got several new employees, some of whom are still with us today! Our employees are the backbone and soldiers of Fluo.


Around 2013 we expanded our Mkalles store and turned it into an 800 m2 shopping space. At this point, we had started producing our own ‘Fluo’ collection in Turkey and shipping it to Lebanon while still importing most of our items from Paris. Throughout the years, fashion trends were at the center of our work, and we’ve always delivered them to you on time and on point.


October 2019 was a changing point for us and all other Lebanese. People took to the streets to reclaim what’s theirs and had been taken away. From significant currency devaluation to frozen bank accounts and a severe political crisis, Lebanon was plunged into darkness after years of corruption. We had months of closure during this time because of roadblocks, but it was about time we had a change in this country.


Beginning 2020, using our bank accounts and lifelong savings was no longer possible. We were faced with a tough choice: to close the business or not? Nabil and Zeina, having both an unconditional love for Lebanon, and having built a business with around 10 employees up until then, didn’t want to leave everything behind. Therefore, beginning 2020 we started crafting our own products in Lebanon with imported and local fabrics and named the collection ‘Fluo Fundamentals’. We still have imported products of course, but our fundamentals section is growing by the day.

2020 – 2021

Then came Covid-19. Keeping our employees at the center of our concerns in this global pandemic, we had several months of complete closure just like anywhere else in the world. This is what pushed our digital transformation and led us to open our first online shopping platform where you’re reading this message now. While Covid-19 along with the Lebanese economic crisis affected our business negatively, they also pushed us to hire even more employees and grow our team substantially: from digital marketers to cloth manufacturers and fashion designers, Fluo’s team is getting bigger by the day!

Thanks for being here & part of the Fluo community!

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