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Founded in 1994 and driven by quest for perfection, FLUO grew rapidly from a young company to a market leading clothing manufacturer and exporter. Fluo is a registered trademark manufacturing and designing a wide range of its products. We spend untold hours tailoring every piece to perfection – which means you never need to think twice about that dress, suit or jacket that just so happens to fit you like a dream.

Discover our collections of sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, shoes, bags, and accessories… Enjoy the latest fashion trends at the best prices. We bring you fashion fixes that are designed to help you look fabulous every day! Our range of fashion clothes, sportswear, accessories, shoes and bags has been specially selected by our team to bring you the latest fashion trends on a budget.

Our customers are extremely valuable to us: that’s what we want to offer the best service and range of products that we can. Our love for our work is evident and hopefully contagious. We love fashion, but we are also passionate about something else: our customers! All our products will save you time and money! We love nothing more than to reward our customers with exciting promotions.

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