About Us

You matter to us, and that’s why at Fluo we believe in fair pricing when it comes to woman’s everyday fashion needs. While keeping the quality & lifetime of our products at the forefront of our minds, we always seek to surprise you with the price tag.

Since 1994 we’ve had all sorts of products in our shop to suit all your various tastes, from classy to sassy. And this isn’t going to change. Fashion isn’t a specific size or style, fashion is universal. Fashion is the embodiment of your own unique characteristics and thoughts, and we firmly respect that.

We dream of one day being able to provide for all the world’s daily fashion needs while protecting Earth’s vital resources and fighting to preserve its natural habitats. It’s time we all center our attention towards the environment and building circular economies.

Why Choose Us

Your opinion will always be considered, and we will always assist you in the best way possible. Whether you’re looking for styling suggestions, general information about a specific item, or have a specific complaint, we’ll always be there for you.

We don’t jeopardize quality over additional benefits & spend a crazy amount of time choosing and tailoring our products based on everything we’ve acquired since 1994. In the end, we’re doing all this work to please and satisfy each one of you.

With a big variety of items, colors, and sizes, we’re sure you’ll pretty much always find something that suits you. You can also always complete your looks with our selected footwear and accessories. Mix and match on the go for all kinds of occasions!

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